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SON demnächst mit 30 Tage Rückgabe bei Bezahlung der Transportkosten

…when Audio becomes true Illusion 

Wolf von Langa SON

Wolf von Langa’s SON 

The Kilimanjaro-Series Field-Coil Transducer meets an Air Motion Transformer 
The result is a loudspeaker with an electrostatic resolution paired with the vibrancy
of a field coil system. Listen!

Christine von Langa - Roedlas 54 - D - 91077 Neunkirchen a. Br. - Phone +49 (0)9192 996926 - E-Mail: listen(at) -
WOLFVONLANGA produces audiophile field-coil loudspeakers and drive units. As a manufacturer we solely use the highest quality materials.
We deliver unique loudspeaker technology. All WOLFVONLANGA products are developed and handmade in Germany.
WOLFVONLANGA is a registered trademark.