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Warum baue ich Lautsprecher?

Fremd erregte Lautsprechersysteme für hoch genaue Musikreproduktion und Wiedergabe anderer Schallereignisse. Unser Produkt hat überzeugt und gehört in der Kategorie Elektrotechnik zu den Besten des INDUSTRIEPREIS 2015. Danke für diese renommierte Auszeichnung! 

We are pleased to inform that we won the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2015 award for our company. Thank you for this prestigious award!

Wolf von Langa "Swing" Transducer

Every single Wolf von Langa transducer is manufactured with extreme care and precision

Wolf von Langa "Swing"

Large Orchestra
Sonic perfection through rediscovered speaker technologies

Wolf von Langa’s premium loudspeaker, Swing, offers much of the same freedom of expression and unrestricted sound reproduction as the company’s highest end model, Salon - a man-sized sculpture. Using the almost forgotten principle and featuring an open baffle design, this unique approach consists of a sound guide, and is open on the rear side. The sound levels and dynamic capabilities that unfold without an enclosure are nothing short of amazing. Wolf von Langa’s technology, however, extends far beyond this simple but powerful principle - his designs are highly efficient and his speakers do not require electronic or digital correction, feedback, or signal processing. To drive the speaker cones in his ‘sound sculptures’, Wolf von Langa uses the same basic technology in the Swing that is implemented in the Salon. In these designs, the magnetic field, which is necessary as a counter force to the music signal, is not produced by a permanent magnet, but by an electrically-powered second coil, a so called field coil. And this is what the professionals and music lovers must make note of - while playing any kind of music, the Swing gives you a seamless balance of high, middle, and low frequencies; it offers pace and momentum with a smart dose of vitality, and it is exemplary in terms of its homogeneity and image coherence. 

You can visit Wolf von Langa at the HIGH END show in Munich between the 14th and the 17th of May, in Atrium 4, Room F231c; and in Hall 1 Booth T17. As always, the first day of the show is reserved exclusively for trade visitors.

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WOLFVONLANGA produces audiophile field-coil loudspeakers and drive units. As a manufacturer we solely use the highest quality materials.
We deliver unique loudspeaker technology. All WOLFVONLANGA products are developed and handmade in Germany.

WOLFVONLANGA is a registered trademark.