Son (German): [1] noise, reverberation, ring, phoneme [ling.], tone, bang, [2] Son, [3] dance manners, [4] senses, pretext, [5] sone, [7] rumours 

The Son Cubano is a music style from Cuba. The historical roots of the Son Cubano go back possibly to the middle of the 19th century. The Son developed by the fusion of afro Cuban drum rhythms with the guitar music of Spanish farmers in the rural east of the island. 

Today the characteristics of the Son vary very strongly and a basic element is the bass impulse which comes before the Downbeat. The interrogative song and answer song comes as an other creation element. In the impromptu interplay between first vote and Segundo mostly everyday subjects are treated, which is why the Son is also compared often to North American blues. 

For the Cubans the Son is the mother of all rhythms.

For us Son means life. Thus the naming for this loudspeaker came easily to us: Son 

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