All the following is done by your representative.

First thing is to take the base (field coil and double terminal - xo cable factory installed) and place it in the position where you want the speakers to be about.

If you want to run your AUDIO FRAME X with one amplifier please connect both terminal - xo cables in parallel. For your information: The one red marked is connected to the right terminals (seen from front side).

Audio Frame X base, part no. 01208

When placing the low bass (TT) module on the base please make sure not to squeeze the cables. You can ensure this by putting some spacers at the back before positioning the TT module to the front guides.

Withdraw the cables and pull out the spacers carefully before fastening the TT module to the base with 2 screws. Always hand tighten the screws only.

Wolf von Langa Audio Frame X bass module, part no. 01236

Connect all cables to the xo if not done already at this stage of setup. This is more easy before you stack the mid bass (MT) module on top of the TT module.

WVL AUDIO FRAME X bass module, part no. 01253

The Berlin Module holds the field coil compression drivers on adjustable rails. To insert the drive units lay down the module to its back and  push down the lower support in the slot. Insert the drive, mount the tractrix horn, move the support up and tighten the screws again. To reach the mounting screws of the waveguide - driver turn the drive unit on the support to your comfort.




Align the waveguide mouth and the driver mouth so that both match seamless.



The AUDIO FRAME „Chicago“

AUDIO FRAME „Berlin“ detailed view of the Rösch Horns.

Audio Frame speaker system

The AUDIO FRAME „Berlin“


Audio Frame Berlin 2

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