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Wolf von Langa top grade field-coil technology

Modern field-coil loudspeaker technology with a high resolution, well thought out design, cone clamping fixture, concurrent surround damping, extremely rigid construction, pure iron pole pieces, flat ribbon voice coil, underhung voice coil construction, high efficiency.

Subject to changes/modifications without notice.


Products manufactured in Germany represent the local mindset. German craftsmanship is recognized and appreciated throughout the world, and is the result of outstanding products and services. There is a great passion there for controlling and optimizing processes, and incorporating refinements.  Wolf von Langa products are all manufactured in Germany to exacting standards. They are far from being mass produced in an industrial operation; instead they are crafted in an environment where hand workmanship is a priority. And this makes a noticeable difference.


Wolf von Langa products are assembled by experienced hands in the finest German tradition, without compromise, utilizing the latest technology, all the while embracing and taking into account the basic insights of the old masters whose designs are part of our culture, history, and tradition. Each piece has its own character and its own philosophy. The Wolf von Langa portfolio consists of items with strong personal character, forms and materials that merge into an unified whole, and which reinterpret our living space in a new and original way. Quite simply, they facilitate a contemporary life and lifestyle.

Industrial design is the embodiment of creative values, the implementation of good ideas, and the interpretation of new needs and functions. Unfortunately, it is sometimes linked to the requirements of mass production and the rhythm of an industry that is obsessed by production cycles, which in many cases determine and severely restrict creative thinking.

We are proud to know few or no restrictions. We are not bound by a standard production process, or the use of a particular material. Our mind is free. We work with materials and technologies that are determined only by our hands and minds.


The A1 modern field-coil loudspeakers imply the best. Whether it comes to the frame or to the cone or to the suspension. Or to the motor. Every detail has its own story, simply the best were brought together. Send us your inquiry.

A1.1200 Bass Midrange Transducer

A1.1200 Bass Midrange Transducer

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WOLFVONLANGA produces unique field coil loudspeakers and drive units. As a manufacturer we solely use the highest quality materials.
We deliver worldwide unique loudspeaker technology. All WOLFVONLANGA products are developed and handmade in Germany.
WOLFVONLANGA is a registered trademark.