The AUDIO FRAME X high frequency modules are now specified. There shall be two fullrange drivers used, one based on the classic and so often copied Voigt twin cone assembly, the other one based on a famous ceiling sound distribution system, the Western Electric 755A.

A new edge wound field coil for maximum efficiency is used and a set of inductors and a transformer shall be the complete network. A nearly flat impedance curve is achieved and makes this AUDIO FRAME an ideal partner of good tube amplification. 

A5000 DSC0011-1600


After reworking several frames and optimizing voice coil and spider attachment to the 755A style all paper cone we now have a device in our hands capable to reproduce human voices and native instruments with realism never heard before. 

The frequency range used is a relatively small band of about 310 – 2500 Hz, only 3 octaves after all. We use round copper wire and untypical for our constructions, an overhung voice coil. The goal was to use the device without crossover and as we have tremendous efficiency in the used bandwidth it is affirmed that the speaker takes no harm even at high home listening levels.

DSC 0128
DSC 0160

Different glues and different spiders, different lead wires and voice coils were used during optimization. A Bimax® spider shall be used as well as a never drying paper suspension treatment to ensure flexibility of the paper without fissuring.

DSC 0010

A10750 0056m

The A1.750 unit in conjunction with the A1.1500-AF drive reproduce the entire keynotes with ease and never heard realism. Of course all cones are driven by our modern field coil motors made of pure iron.


A1.1500-AF modern field-coil woofer for AUDIO FRAME X. More to come…

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