Beginning in august 2015 step by step the AUDIO FRAME model range takes form.

From bottom to top:
There will be a rigid support as level_1 to ensure solid lineup of all modules.

top-of-the-line field coil transducer

As level_2 and level_3 two of our Top-of-the-line field coil transducers form the basis.

full range prototype, full range transducer

In 2013 we started to improve the WE 755 as midrange unit and we built prototypes and tooling. Today, for example, our voice coil is attached 100% perfect to the cone with a tiny quantity of glue and without stressing the paper. The wire connection of the voice coil does not touch the cone. The A1.750 is the only overhung voice coil we use up to date, to make it possible to run this fine midrange driver without crossover.

A1.750 loudspeaker development tool

The top level, level_4 shall be a removable and a changeable mid high frequency „head". Hereby the model is defined. The planned entry level AUDIO FRAME consists of a full range
mid highs module.

dipole air motion transformer, dipole amt, amt

There will be a dipole ultra high frequency transducer option at level_4, and also a horn model. Below you can see a variety of waveguides we use, come back soon and learn about
the formation…

waveguide, horn, tractrix horn, hyperbolic horn, exponential horn, constant directivity

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