A1500-II Review

Last time I mentioned how impressed I was by the sound of A 5000 units. At that time I couldn’t imagine what would happen once I had bass drivers A1500-II from Wolf von Langa.

A1500-II with Telex frame

Well, the sound has got well-balanced as the whole. I was just listening and listening. The sound was just perfect! The only problem was that all the drivers ran on 12V batteries. So I made an order for two power supplies for A5000 as the constant charging of batteries was complicated and uncomfortable. The manufacturing of them lasted for a while, but finally they arrived. When I connected the power supplies to the A5000 units I realized what lies behind the drivers. There was a positive progress as for the space, tonality and details…. Eureka!…. Right then I ordered power supplies for the A1500-II bass drivers. While waiting for them I came across RS Tesla Precision Interconnect cables and again I found out that the drivers can offer much more than I had thought so far. I got so close to authentic live music as never before! I would like to say thank you to Wolf for his willingness and help to reach something I can´t even describe - as music can´t be described - it has to be listened to :-)

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